Re: Gaps Occurring in Images

From: Daniel Piechnick (Webmaster)
Date: 26 Jul 2004
Time: 03:00:57
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Hi Youthman :) Sorry for my non-response. I've been very busy. I'll see if I can help you with your problem. Firstly, you appear to have tables all over the place. I have previously called this "table mania" :) The problem you're having is caused by the fact that your buttons are all in their own cells, and their sizes all add up to the size of your left column. Because this is attached to your right column, it grows when the right column does. To fix the problem, you need to wimplify your table structure. Your page should have two tables. One is your header table, which your header goes in. Below that is another table, with two columns. Put your menu buttons into the left column (don't give them their own cell), and make sure you set the cell's Vertical Alignment to "Top", so that the buttons don't sit in the middle of the cell. Put your text in the right column. Let me know how it goes :)