Gaps Occurring in Images

Date: 23 Jul 2004
Time: 14:11:51
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Photoshop 7 Image Ready 7 Golive 6 Hi, first of all I would like to say a huge thank you for this site. What an awesome resource it has been for me to learn some new techniques in Photoshop. I have created a page in photoshop using your Desert Star Layout as a guide. Once created in Photoshop, I added rollover effects to the buttons in Image Ready and sliced the image and saved as html and images. I import into golive and all looks good. My problem is that I want to add much more text in the center and extend the page down. When I type more text, my menu buttons begin to separate as seen in this image. How can I design the page in Photoshop/Image Ready so that the main section is able to be expanded down without effecting the left menu buttons? Also, in your tutorials, you say make two sliver 1 pixel each. How do I make sure my slices are only 1 pixel? Is the the smallest slice you can make? Thanks for your help.