navigation using hotspots

From: excelsior
Date: 21 Jul 2004
Time: 09:49:47
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Hi all, This site is superb :) sometimes you have to figure some things out but sometimes you cant figure it out by yourself so here I am to seek advice. I realy like the idea of the fiveminutes website tutorial and ive done it but now it comes to get it published. I got some basic HTML knowledge, nothing realy expert because I havnt been doing any sites lately my problem is how to get my navigation bar works as in the tutorials. You have noticed hotspots or image targets but I have no memory of such a code and I seeked for it in coffeecup but I couldnt find it. What would be a good HTML editor which isnt too complicated and has the hotspot feature in it? Could you please help me with this, because with all the tutorials here im realy eager to start a website. Thanks in advance, Excelsior