Re: Question about Daniel Piechnick's interview

From: learningman
Date: 20 Jul 2004
Time: 12:56:21
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I suggest start with the tutorials that are on your Flash MX program. That’s an easy way to get yourself familiar with the tool and some basic with Flash. Second start a project, it does not matter what kind or for whom, for example start building a test website this way you get a chance to use the tools and learn what they do. I started like that and self thought flash and Photoshop (with the help of tutorials on the web). Check out it has FLA’s where people made and you can download it and see how they made it also there are tutorials there as well. is one of my favorite sites and I would like to get to that point (he used Illustrator, PS, Flash and 3DMax) before you enter the site on the bottom there is a forum and on it there are site for Flash tutorials. I think it is very important to get the basis and the foundation down then you can really grow from there and make some nice websites. Another easy way is in google type in Flash MX tutorials and there are tons of it. Here is a site I made after about 6 month of working with flash: I continuously want to get better and practice (in all the application that I currently work with, PH, Dreamwaver, and Flash). My site is (under development with the new things I have learned) sorry I know this is a PS forum and not flash…