Question about Daniel Piechnick's interview

From: some want who is sincere in learning (quality)
Date: 16 Jul 2004
Time: 14:35:03
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Hello I have a question and I hope Daniel Piechnick can write back. I read your interview and I have to say I agree to many of you points but I I think as a graphic designer you can all ways improve and move. You put it well to say learn one application and learn it good but there are other application that are complimentary to Photoshop and I think it will help enhance the end art work if one learns them. Can you please clarify why you say no to learn other application such as 3D, Illustrator, Flash? If anyone else would like to comment please do as I am still a student and trying to enhance my learning in Photoshop, graphic design (specifically in web design and development). Even thought my focus is Photoshop I am also working with Dreamwavar and Flash (I like to consider myself intermediate/advance in flash and intermediate in Dreamwaver). Thank you