Re: working with templates and FP

From: Tina Clarke
Date: 09 Jul 2004
Time: 18:19:19
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Hi I'm helping penne on another forum I asked her where she got the template from as I was sure they were not presented as one complete graphic, because that is what she has been trying to use. I'm waiting for her to contact me so she can dl live from a spare tripod site where I can give her the ps so she get the site on her hd as it's easier than her getting the dl as that has not worked out for here... and work with the desert-star template as it's meant to be used. - I did note when I checked all the pages that one page did not have a complete template and that all had a horizontal scroll which I fixed by making the table 100% also all the backgrounds were unconfigured so I added to the inline style and this should now work perfectly for Penne she just has to follow the hotspot tips. It says at the top of the forum to use a link if you use stuff, as the site relies on links from visitors sites, I wanted to mention that if the webmaster Daniel? used text links across the bottom to match his graphical links it would increase his seo standing also using a site map would help, there is a lot more you can do for SEO as well. I note your using a fp forum and I wrote an article on how to tweak it so all the backgrounds would configure and also how to send the webmaster a email when someone posts .. which helps cut down your workload of having to click on all the posts to see what's been posted. I don't know if you will find it of use but here it is.'s for fp2002 but most of it should be relevant I'll have to do an update:) I will be linking to this site anyway as the tutorials are fantastic, I like my tutorials step by step and these are quite clear, I plan to have some fun creating with them thank you. Tina