Re: I'm having serious problems with my Photoshop 7.0

From: KWalter
Date: 08 Jul 2004
Time: 11:49:14
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Looking at that background, I think it will be easier to use multiple layers. Cut each picture you want to use a little bit bigger than you need it, this will help make the overlaps smoother. Use the freeform pen tool to make a rough outline of what you want, use the direct selection tool (white arrow, Ctrl + Click on a path I think) to adjust the anchor points until you really get the form you want. Make that your selection and cut it right out. Use your eraser tool with a small, soft brush if you need to clean up any spots. Do the same for all the pics you want to use, each on its own layer, then drag them around into the arrangement you like. Put a white background layer at the bottom of your layer stack, if it isn't there already, and turn down the opacity of all but the very front pictures. That should get you something reasonably close to what you're looking for. If you'd like a more blended look beetween pictures, try Feathering the slection you make. That will give you pictures a fuzzy, semi-transparent edge that will blend with anything it is placed on top of.