FrontPage Backgrounds

From: Dave Cotton
Date: 06 Jul 2004
Time: 16:40:17
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Hi Sorry if this is a repeat of what Penne is trying to get to the bottom of? I have just become a member and I suppose I should try reading some of the questions already posted. However, as Penne has made some comment on this here goes… I am a graphic and website designer and use many various programs. However, I use FrontPage for my website design (though I keep on promising myself I will conquer Dreamweaver! I also use Photoshop 6 for photo manipulation and various other required effects as part of my graphics. I feel very restricted in FrontPage not being able to produce the type of backgrounds I would like, such as curves on headers and halftones on backgrounds etc… Having looked at some of the tutorials which I think are really great by the way. Is it possible to design and transfer these into FrontPage? If so is there a full tutorial on doing this please? Thank you for taking the time to read this your response would be most appreciated. Dave C This is my site but I have not done anything to it for some time and its looking very dated and I need to remove the flash intro?