Re: turning a .jpg template into a backrgound on FP

From: Penne
Date: 06 Jul 2004
Time: 09:14:50
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Daniel, I tried to do some of the things you suggested. It didnt work. I even put in justify and it didnt work. I think I realize the problem. I need to take the pieces (splices?) of the template I got and edit them and put them in seperately into tables in FP. I just run into problems when I do that because sometimes it takes them and moves them somewhere else and also I cant quite figure out how to put all the things on the left side so I can place text and things in the middle of the pages. I will just have to work at it some more. Hopefully I will get it. If not, I am going on vacation this weekend for a week and taking my laptop with me so I can work on it. Thanx for all your help. I really appreciate it. Take care. Penne