turning a .jpg template into a backrgound on FP

From: Penne
Date: 03 Jul 2004
Time: 20:16:38
Remote Name:


I have posted numerous times on this subject and still have not been able to do this. This is getting frustrating. I appreciate all the help, and have tried everything the way it was written, but it still doesnt work. I go to table and insert a table. Then I right click in the table and click on cell properties. Then I change the height and width in pixels to the dimensions of my .jpg. and then go to where it says background and I hit browse and find my .jpg and click on that and apply and OK. Now it comes up on the page. But now if I go to try and click on it to type anything on it or make a table or try to do a marquee over it, it wont let me. It immediately takes it below the table onto the white screen of my page. It wont allow me to edit or do anything on the background. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I have tried so many different things and nothing works. I appreciate any help on this as I am almost at my wits end because I am sure it is something simple and I am just not getting it. Thanx in advance. Penne