Re: working with templates and FP

From: Joey
Date: 01 Jul 2004
Time: 05:38:02
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Hey Penne, since you are using in image as your menu, and not making it the background of the table (which would allow you to place text over it), you need to "image map" the menu. Image mapping is placing a collection of links on an image. Fontpage allows you to do this by clicking the image (your menu), then select the hotspot icon on the picture toolbar (a square, a polygon and a circle are your options). If the picture toolbar is not present on your screen, right click on the blank space where file, edit, etc. are, and make sure "Pictures" is selected. Now, to create the hotspot, select either the square, polygon, or circle tool, and drag it over the section of your menu where you want it to be linked (most likely the text labeling the different sections of your site on your menu). You can create as many links on an image as will fit!