Adobe Image Ready - problem, web code is not working correctly?

Date: 29 Jun 2004
Time: 14:31:36
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Hi, I was wondering if you could clearify what might be happening with the Image Ready Code in the following situation: - I create a text rollover like you said in your tutorial. I then click the Explorer E to create the code I need for the web, it appears to work ok, I notice I have to copy my 2 images to the images folder which I created on the website. - The main problem is when I roll the mouse over the text it doesn't change the text color, even though I did already edit the copied text layer that I was suppose to. - The only fix I found was to copy a new image over that I seperately created with the new text color on it for the rollover, and name it what the Image Ready code named it. - I would like to know what I am missing? to have this actually working correctly on its own, without me having to manually create another image, as it was suppose to be created by Image Ready?????????????