Re: Problems with Sunlight Tutorial

From: Kevin
Date: 28 Jun 2004
Time: 14:17:33
Remote Name:


Hello, thanks for responding. Basically the first 3 steps. I can make the noise gradient no problems there. Then come the adjustment layers. When it comes to that am i coloring it or just playing with the hue until i get a lot of brown. I assumed the later and did that. Most of the time im getting tons of red from it. That becomes evident when i do the next adjustment layer, the brightness/contrast. I get horrible results from this step. Basically id adjust the brightness then the when i moved up the contrast i would get blocks of color, like red and or greens. I just cannot get desireable results unless i cheat after those steps and manually change the color myself via crtl+U and check colorize. I followed your tutorial to the letter and just cant pull off the beautiful result you came out with. I am using PS7 btw. Thanks again.